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There is a great website out there called http://www.understood.org. I will likely share things from their page from time to time.

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Here is a link to a simulation where you can ‘experience’ some of what it is like to have dyslexia: https://www.understood.org/en/tools/through-your-childs-eyes/player?simq=c07181bd-05a5-466c-aaa0-f54146a9d844&gradeId=9f2dc7e9-f5f4-466c-9474-dd12215662fc&personalized=true

The Dyslexic Advantage

So here’s another great book for you all. It’s called “The Dyslexic Advantage”. the book is centered on the positive dyslexia movement.

It is absolutely worth the read. You’ll learn lots about the history of dyslexia, how we view dyslexia, and the wonderful strengths that come along with dyslexia!

Here’s the website: http://www.dyslexicadvantage.org/

and they also have a YouTube Channel that is worth watching! https://www.youtube.com/user/DyslexicAdvantage

Positive Dyslexia

You will have always been taught that Dyslexia is a disability. I’d argue that it is a difference of ability. Regardless, one thing is for certain: it is a product of our society.

While ‘dyslexia’ didn’t exist back in the ‘caveman days’, identical brains certainly could have. The difference? Those brains were valued. While a person today can pick up a book, read quickly, type fast and bang out a column for the paper in a few minutes, the valued brains in those ‘caveman’ days were those which could navigate, think creatively, and problem solve. The only difference is what our society ‘wants’ out of our brains.

So… the positive dyslexia movement encourages us to look at all the strengths of someone with dyslexia. Strengths we don’t have to look hard to find. It encourages us to view the ‘dyslexic brain’ from a perspective other than the highly literate society that we live in.

There are so many successful people with dyslexia. So many incredible inventions that were by accident, or a result of ‘out of the box’ thinking. Bring out the party hats, people.

The Dyslexia ‘Bible’

If you need to learn about Dyslexia, this is honestly a fabulous book.

Even though it contains lots of research and brain terminology, it is written in such a way that it is easy to understand.

Dr.s Sally and Bennett Shaywitz have done so much in this field, and their book, ‘Overcoming Dyslexia’ is an incredible resource for anyone who is looking to learn about Dyslexia.

Here’s their website: http://dyslexia.yale.edu/book_Overcoming.html

The Beginning

It was about 7 years ago when I first learned about dyslexia to be more than just ‘difficulty reading’. I found myself so intrigued by all the truths, contrasted with the myths that were perpetuated in the media and in society.

5 years ago I began working with an organization which was committed to supporting students with learning disabilities. I became an advocate, and strongly concerned about the well-being of our children when suppressed by the educational system as it stands.

As a place to start, I thought I’d share a video which you may or may not have seen before, by Sir Ken Robinson.